This is the primary mission of SAFESEC: based on customer's requirements a team of experts is able to provide solutions for new and / or 'to be renewed' lighting systems in a different kind of environments (application fields)

We're committed to always achieve the following objectives:

  • COMPLY with international directives regulating minimum / maximum quantity of light for the specific environment under study

  • MEET the best efficiency to have the minimum impact in terms of energy consumption and environmental footprint

  • FOLLOW customer’s recommendations wherever possible to preserve investments, to select type of technologies, to respect his specific “standard of aesthetics”

In summary,

SAFESEC will make every effort to provide standards of lighting and create a congenial working environment.

You can visit our reference page REFERENCE to see some examples of our implementations.

Below a video which summarize our approach on developing a new lighting project

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Sometimes our standard offer does not match with specific customer’s requirement for:

  • Environmental restrictions that need to overcome standards.
  • Service Continuity which imply adoption of some redundancy in the electronic parts
  • Stringent security and safety recommendations
  • Style of the ambient and impact on real estate of particularly value

For these and other reasons SAFESEC is able to implement specific customizations to meet the most challenge requests, in the minimum time possible and together with the required certifications.

Below you can see the video on a specific challenge we faced and the way we solved the issue: corrosion agents on old stainless fixtures for tunnels and our innovative solution to overcome such specific environmental hostility and meet the new, more restrictive, recommendations on tunnels lighting systems implementations

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SAFESEC has been a pioneer on the use of Magnetic Induction technology and demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology in a wide range of application fields results are great in terms of lifespan and energy savings.

The market is now registering an incremental request to have also dimmable electronic ballast solutions on this product line in addition to already available offer based on LED.For this reason, thanks to our investments on R&D, SAFESEC is building a solution almost ready for the market.

You can contact us for more information. We can show a preview of what are the preliminary results in the following video

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SAFESEC has a multi-disciplinary background and exploit it to implement projects other than in the lighting design application field.

We’re sometimes engaged to design and deploy system integration projects that adopt innovative solutions to respond to a very specific customer’s need.

To mention few:

1. For a large Italian Account, we’ve deployed a key management system in collaboration with Morse Watchmans

After project completion, we’ve worked with the customer to study a solution to manage electricity consumption collecting information from the key management system and integrating with our domotic solution.

So we’ve now our SMACK solution that can be available for customers under request (see the picture below)

You can contact us for more information

2. For the Italian State Railways we’ve designed and deployed, in collaboration with Leica Geosystems, a Robotic and Information System Infrastructure dedicated to monitor Landslide Risks

Thanks to the sophisticated laser based pointing system by Leica we enabled the Railways Central Operational Control System to monitor micro-movements of the rails along the tracks that are subject to risk of landslide effect.

Safesec integrated different other communication and software components to provide a turn-key proactive solution.

So we’ve now our SLAM solution that can be available for customers under request (see the picture below)

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